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"Many asked for features have been added to make the program even more beneficial to your business."

The version 19.1 update of the "Retail Boss POS is available.

If you are on the Service Support contract and your account is current, you will be receiving this update free of charge. However, you must still “place your order”.

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New features added in 19.1.

*Windows 11 compatibility updates.

*Email compatibility updates.

New features added in 18.9.

*Windows 10 compatibility updates.

*Added a Copy Invoice button to all Invoice History windows to allow you to copy a previously generated invoice to the estimate screen. This will allow you to create a return invoice or to start a new invoice without having to create the whole invoice again.

*Changed the way fees work.

  1. The minimum fee will not be applied until the invoice is greater than zero.
  2. The minimum and maximum fee will now be applied on a credit or negative invoice.

Makes it easier to do returns without extra work crediting shop fees.

*Added a Delete line Quick button to make it easier to delete a line from the screen and easier to use in tablet mode.

*Added an Email button next to the email address. Made an easy way to send a quick Email to the customer.

*Added a Copy to Clipboard button next to the email address. Made an easy way to use the Email Address with other programs or websites.

*Added a Quick History button next to the customers name field. A quick way to check customer invoice history.

New features added in 18.1.

*Windows 10 compatibility updates.

*Added a popup email window that will automatically popup when invoicing a customer. Now you can email the customer a copy of the invoice instead of printing the invoice or do both . We added a switch to the customer record so you can choose which customers will have this option and also added a global switch so all customers will have this option.

*Now you can quickly call your vendor. We added the phone and fax numbers to the Vendor browse list and added a new button to the Point of Sale screen that will allow you to quickly lookup Vendor's contact Information.

*We added the Estimate/Work Orders line items to the Estimate/Work Orders window so you can quickly see everything without reopening the Estimate/Work Order update window.

*The Email and PDF buttons were added to the Customer History window.

*We added the Bin, Location, FET, On Order and Default Quantity fields to the Report Wizard sort order.

*In order to more easily track Purchase Orders we added the Estimate/Work Order and Invoice Numbers to the following:

  1. Purchase Order report.
  2. Purchase Order by vendor report.
  3. Browse Purchase Order window.
  4. Update Purchase Order window.

You can also update the Estimate/Work Order and Invoice Numbers after the Invoice has been completed, if needed.

New features added in 17.6.

*Windows 10 compatibility updates.

*You can now Email Invoices or Estimates directly from the program. This will allow you to quickly send an estimate or invoice to a customer.

New features added in 17.1.

*Windows 10 compatibility updates.

*Added a Copy button the the Estimate/Work Order screen. This will allow you to make default estimates for regular services to use as often as needed. This will help save time when creating new Estimate/Work Orders.

New features added in 16.7.

*Windows 8.1 compatibility updates.

*Added a PDF button on the Estimate and Invoice history browse windows. This will allow you to quickly create a PDF of the Estimate or Invoice for emailing.

*You can now globally change your Inventory List Price based off a percentage or dollar amount from cost.

*Added Date Pick buttons to the Report and Employee date range windows.

*Added Employee and Vendor code fields to the Invoice History browse windows. This will allow you to easily see the Employee and Vendor that was assigned to each line of the invoice.

*Made the total fields on the bottom of the Invoice and Estimates a little wider to fix problems with some of the newer multi-function printers.

New features added in 16.4.

*Windows 8.1 compatibility updates.

*The inventory export will now export descriptions up to 250 characters.

New features added in 16.3.

*Windows 8 compatibility updates.

*The Backup program will now create a new directory for each backup.

New features added in 16.1.

*Report preview will now center on parent window instead of windows desktop. This will help those who have more than one monitor.

*Windows 7 compatibility updates.

New features added in 15.9.

*Updated payroll to handle new Social Security Employee Rate.

*Vendor inquiry window will now allow you to sort the invoices by Invoice Number, Invoice Date and Check Date.

*Payroll Check Stub, Check Preview and Check Register will now display Tax 3, Tax 4 and Tax 5.  

*Added Invoice style preview window to setup section.  

*Customer History report now have Total Invoices and Sales Totals at bottom of the report.  

*Payable Quick Check will now allow for line detail so you can split check into multiple expense accounts.

*Payables Invoice Entry: Line detail will now default to undistributed amount to allow for faster data entry.

*Added a date field to the schedule window so you can now change the date of an appointment instead of adding a new appointment.  

*Added a customer credit limit field to the customer record and the credit limit is enforced on the pos screen. The customer's credit remaining will be displayed on the pos screen and the customer will not be able to make additional credit purchases unless you increase his credit limit.  

*Security check points: Add Estimate, Update Estimate, Delete Estimate.  

*Option to password protect on pos screen the payment methods 6(charge) and 7(layaway).   

New features added in 15.4.

*Inventory Report Wizard. A quick way to make custom Inventory Reports.

*Modified the following Inventory Reports to allow you to put in a Group, Vendor, Category or Description range. (Inventory List, Inventory Count, Inventory Reorder, Inventory Barcode Labels, Global Price Change and Price Sheet List)

*Modified the Service Code List to allow you to put in a Group or Category range.

*Modified the Employee and Manager Sales Reports to allow you to put in an Employee range instead of printing reports for all employee's.

New features added in 15.1.

*Debit Card processing.

New features added in 14.7.

*Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista SP1 compatible.

*QuickBooks Export.

*You can now use a barcode scanner to do inventory adjustments and check-in purchase orders.

New features added in 14.1.

*Added support for Microsoft Office 2007 for exporting data to Excel.

*Added up and down arrow buttons so you can move Invoice/Estimate lines up or down the screen.

*The speed of saving Invoices or Estimates with a lot of line items has been greatly increased. (Large Invoices/Estimates will print much quicker.)

New features added in 12.9.

*Credit Card Processing. You can now authorize credit cards in the program instead of having a credit card terminal.

*Windows Vista compatible. It is required to upgrade to version 12.9 or above if using Windows Vista. Palmer Products, Inc. has spent a lot of time ensuring that Retail Boss POS is compatible with Window Vista.

*Program theme support. You can now select a different look for the program.

*The ability to disable the up arrow and left arrow keys for those computers that are having problems with a windows issue that effects these keys.

New features added in 12.4.

*Added a new field at the bottom of the invoice that will contain parts, labor, subtotal, all tax rate/fee, total and all payment methods. You no longer have to use the report designer to place the extra tax rate or fee fields at the bottom of the invoice.

*Added a new Report Preview. The new previewer will allow you to create a web page or an Adobe Acrobat PDF file from your report. This will come in handy if you need to email an invoice to a customer or a report to a vendor. You can also search for text on the report and select and unselect pages needed for printing.

*Added a new Export window. The new Export window will allow you to create an Excel or CSV file from your customer, inventory, service codes, price list or basic invoice summary information. This information can be used with Microsoft Excel or other programs that can read Excel or CSV files. The is useful if you need to use your information in other programs for mailouts, data analysis, or for use on the web. The Export window will also allow you to email the file if needed.

New features added in 12.0.

*Added the Notes field to the invoice history windows.

Added Clone batch in General ledger to speed data entry.

*Added Popup Toolbox to most menus to speed navigation.

*Modified Customer History report to display vendor, employee on each line for the invoice as well as adding the manager code.

*You can now print the Customer History report from the customer browse or customer history windows. This will give you a snap shot of everything the customer has purchased from you.

New features added in 11.3.

*Minor Update to add a new feature to allow the Account Receivables to be able to charge either compound interest or charge interest only on outstanding invoices.

New features added in 11.1.

*The Estimate\Invoice screen is larger to hold all the new fields and for easier viewing. (1024x768)

*A Invoice "Notes" field has been added to the Estimate\Invoice screen. These notes will be saved with the invoice. (For screen use only.)

*All hot key buttons are now located on the bottom of the Estimate/Invoice screen to make invoicing easier.

*"Mouse lookup" buttons have been added for the customer, note and part number fields. Use your mouse to “click and select.”

*Tax rates rounded to more digits allowing for more precise computation.

*Added the customer number to Last Name key which allows for better sorting when looking up a customer’s record when there is more than one customer with the same name.

*Customer’s with unpaid charge invoices can no longer be deleted.

*An Estimate/Work Order can now be saved without having Part Numbers or Service Codes listed.

*Added Time In and Time Out fields to estimate so you can clock the Work Order in and out. (For screen use only.)

*You can now add Salesman and Manager codes before printing the Estimate/Invoice.

*Added “Kit Code” and “Use Kit Cost” fields to allow you to assign a kit code to a particular part number. When preparing the Estimate/Invoice, only the part number that had the “Kit Code” assigned to it will display, and not the complete “Kit”.  However, when you invoice the customer, all part numbers assigned to the “Kit” will be subtracted from your inventory.

*You can create a Payable Invoice directly from the Receive Purchase Order screen.

*Added new fields to the Changing Tax Rate Record screen. You can now charge “tax on tax” or “tax on fees.”

*Added a “Maximum Fee” field. This will allow you to now have both a minimum and maximum fee.

*You can now “globally” update records when needing to apply and/or remove tax rates or fees. For example, if you wanted to apply a “shop fee” to every customer in your database, you can easily accomplish this by using the “Reset Tax” button.  This eliminates the need of individually updating records.

*Added “Auto Pricing when Receiving” field to the Category Record. When you set up your program to allow “auto pricing when receiving”, your inventory prices will be updated based on the cost of the part when receiving inventory from a purchase order.

New features added in 9.9.

* Added a Charge/Layaway report by date range. This report is helpful by being able to see a list of charge and layaway invoices for a particular time period.

*Added a Cash Payout report by date range. This report is helpful by being able to see a list of cash payouts for a particular time period.

New features added in 9.8.

* The program will only run in 800x600 or higher screen resolution for easier viewing.

* You can now set up a separate default “check” printer so that you can print checks when needed without changing the printer paper.

* Modified the appointment scheduler to display in time grid format. Added many new fields such as appointment type, most of the customer information fields and a large note field to be used as needed. The scheduler will also automatically fill in the customer fields from the current invoice being worked on or you can select the customer from the customer database.

* You can now print an Estimate/Work Order Status Report by date range so you can track the status of the jobs you are currently working on.

* You can now view the cost and profit of the current Estimate/Work Order you are working on from the F2-Sales Screen. Also added a security check point to the F2-Sales Screen as well.

* Added bin & location fields to inventory.

* You can now have more than one checkout on same day.

* Added a daily checkout reminder to remind you if you forgot to run the Daily Reports from the previous day.

* Added a Parts and Service usage report by date range to help aid in parts tracking and ordering.

* Added a Daily Invoice report by date range to aid in invoice tracking.

* Web Store Module - You can run your web store straight from your web site or, for easier inventory setup and business management right from Retail Boss POS.

That's right! You can run both your retail store and your web store from the same easy to use program. You can upload your inventory and web pages from inside the program and retrieve your invoices for easy processing. This makes for quick setup and allows for you to easily maintain your inventory and customers. You can do invoicing, customer mailouts, sales reporting, inventory management, etc...

* Remote Backup Module - Daily backup and disaster recovery. Your data is compressed and encrypted with a password only you know and sent to our secure data center that is available 24/7. You can backup your system with a push of a button or we will help you set up a schedule that will automatically backup your system every day without you having to worry about it.

If you ever need to restore from a system disaster or just need to transfer your files from one computer to another. It's as easy as selecting the backup you need and pressing restore to retrieve you important files.

New features added in 9.4.

* Added Check Number field to Point of Sale checkout screen and invoices.

* Added PO Number field to Point of Sale checkout screen and invoices.

* Added How Paid field to all invoices to print after the total on the bottom of the invoices. (This will print all three payment methods with totals for each.)

* Removed the $ sign from the POS screen and the pole display to allow for non U.S. currency.

* The total line on the POS screen is bigger and now easier to read.

* Purchase Orders can now be left open for back ordered items and still process items received. (You will no longer have to create a new Purchase Order for back ordered items.)

* You can now import Customer Records from other programs.

New features added in 9.1.

* Added Customer Layaways.

* Added support for Pole Displays.

* Added Shelf barcode labels and now you can choose to have the list price print on barcodes.

* You can now change the message that prints on the bottom of charge statements.

* Taking payments on charge accounts is now easier.

* Added Vendor codes to report designer so you can have the vendor code print out on your 8 x 11 invoices.

* Added extended descriptions to inventory and service code reports.

* New import file format will now allow for larger descriptions to be imported.

New features added in 8.7.

* Added support for Barcode printing of inventory and purchase orders.

* Added employee code to 40 column receipt printouts.

* Added how paid to 40 column receipt printouts.

* Changed the way Purchase Orders are generated. Now you have the choice to exclude items from a purchase order if they are currently on an existing purchase order. This will help those who order on a daily bases or place many orders from the same vendor before receiving previous orders.

New features added in 8.6.

* Added 7 new Invoice and Estimate/Work Order styles.
 Now have styles that allow you to have up to 1000 character descriptions. New styles that help meet the legal guidelines for some states. Easier capability to put your logo at the top of the invoice. Added a style of invoice that has the “green bar” effect. Added a new style that groups all the parts on top and services on the bottom and includes a subtotal for each group.
 * Added support for 40 column receipt printers. We have only tested with the Star line, but it should work with most brands.
 Extensive tests have been done using the Star line. It should work for most brands, but if you have a specific need let us know.
 * Added support for parallel port cash drawers and cash drawers that plug directly into a receipt printer.
 * Added cost and profit fields to Sales Reports so you can easily see by sales category what the cost or the profit was for a given date range.
 * Added support for Avery post card (8387) 4 on a page.
 A more economical way to send out mass mailings.
 * Added a filter button to inventory browses to show on hand quantity level only.
 This will allow you to easily view just items that you have in stock.
 *Added default salesperson, default manager and default payment method. This will allow you to setup default codes for each so you want have to fill them in on the Customer checkout box. This will speed up invoicing greatly.
 * When you specify a different file location now in the File Location form for your Setup files you will be able to have different settings for each terminal on your network. (ex. Different invoice styles, printers, etc.)
 * Added some extra security check points for point of sale.
 When setting up security codes for the point of sale, you can stop employees from modifying inventory.
 * You can now select a different invoice type for reprinting of invoices.
 * Added new feature that allows for quicker barcode scanning and part number entry at the point of sale.